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Are you prepared to change who you are?

One of the most incongruent things that people say to themselves and others is that they want to be their true selves and not change, as if who and what they used to be is the greatest thing on earth.


People often telephone my office, ask for an appointment to help them because their life is difficult or in pieces and then say they do not want to change who they are. My answer is always the same, “I can’t help you then.”

You see, none of us are the people we used to be or the people who we are destined to be or need to become.

Life and the world around us is always changing and we need to adapt and evolve.

We must not only cope with that change, but embrace it and find the advantages in the change.

If you attempt to resist change, pretend that it is not happening to you and entrench yourself in what used to be, you will struggle to survive in an ever changing world.

Like the dinosaurs, you will become relegated to history and miss out on all of what the emerging world can offer you.

“I just want to be me”, you may protest.

Well, what are you?

  • Stone that will not change form for hundreds of years?
  • The person who will not have the skills or resources to deal with a changing society?
  • The awkward relative who keeps droning on about the misfortunes of the past?

Whether in your personal, professional or business life, to be relevant to the present day and able to cope with your future, you need to constantly change.

You go through different stages in life such as infant, childhood, breeding years, middle and old age. With each phase of your life you become physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually different, whatever that might mean to you.

While that journey is also enthused with our human quest of finding ourselves, that can only really happen when we are willing to become different from how we are now.

I am not the person I was 20, 10 or five years ago and neither can you be.

I am not even the person I was one year ago because as life changes, we all need to evolve.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

So when you tell yourself or others that you want something or to be something, be prepared to change who and what you are. Not just a little bit but a lot.

As a clinical and medical hypnotist, I see people changing their life experiences – FAST – every week in my clinic. This is simply because those people are willing to change and embrace their futures.

The human potential for change is awesome and phenomenal when you embrace the opportunity.

Our bodies and brains are plastic, as neuroscience is now proving. Not only can your brain repair itself given the right circumstances but it can re-route its circuit board to reprogram your thoughts, behaviours, emotions and abilities to achieve your goals.

You are truly what dreams are made of…embrace change.

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