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Are You Eating For Vitality?

Vitality is how alive and how much energy you feel you have.

Does your diet make you feel energetic and alive with a good level of energy?

One of the questions I ask people during a consultation in my clinic is, “On a daily basis, with 1 being low and 10 being high, how energetic do you feel?”

Most people are around 5-6 but that might be because I am seeing them in a clinic. Occasionally someone may get up to a 7-8. Rarely would people report a 9-10. Most people with gut-related problems generally come below 4 and even down to 2.

What happens when we move people on to a controlled plant-based diet is that those energy levels rise. When people remain on the plant-based diet, many of their maladies start to disappear and they remain at better energy levels.

Why is this?

Of course if you are in a plane crash on a mountain with no food, the human digestive system allows you to eat each other to stay alive. The human gut, however, prefers a plant-based diet. We used to be to be able to eat cellulous and the appendix is quite redundant now but it does give us indications of the origins of our diet.

Let’s take the jackal. This animal can eat a dead, putrefied carcass. It can eat a carcass that is many days old and fully infested with a host of bacteria. The gut of the jackal contains all the necessary bacteria to counteract that purification. It suffers no ill effects and comes fully equipped to eat other dead animals.

Now let’s take humans who are ill-equipped to eat raw, dead carcass. If a human eats a dead carcass in its raw state, they can get very ill and suffer infestation of worms and flukes. Even when the carcass is cooked a person can still get ill with salmonella or listeria, or a whole host of infections.

What is this telling us?

Well, it is telling us that eating flesh is only for emergencies when we are on a mountain in a plane crash. Also that all humans suffer infection and infestation when eating flesh, which puts the gut into overdrive as if it was trying to fight an infection. When you have an infection, your body closes down and you experience lower levels of energy as the body tries to funnel energies to the immune system to fight the infection.

When the gut receives a plant-based diet it does not see it as an insult, digestion is easy and faster, the body is less likely to suffer acidosis in the tissues, good gut bacteria is higher so the body has more energy. Common sense really, isn’t it?

So if you want to increase your energy levels and your sense of vitality in everyday life, changing to a balanced, plant-based diet is the very best thing you can do for your gut, body and your whole self.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND is a Medical Nutritionist, Naturopath, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Director of the Australian Health and Education Centre. In her career she has helped thousands of people move towards a better way of eating naturally, weight loss and live a healthier life. She produced a Natural Eating and Vitality Hypnosis course that can be instantly downloaded from her website at

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