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Are you being accountable about money?

This is a blog for the business section of doctorok.

One of the things people know about me, having met me and worked with me, is that I hold people accountable regarding money.


As a therapist, coach and wealth building trainer I would be doing people a disservice if I did not do that because we all have to live the real world. If you cannot pay for your appointment at my private clinic then you do not get one. If you miss an appointment, you are charged for it. If you take one of my trainings, you pay in advance.

This is not harsh, it is practical and why my business still exists after many years and I can still continue to help people. That is not to say I do not do a lot of things in life philanthropically, because I do, but within the confines of business, I hold people financially accountable.

So many people I see in trainings and in my clinic are living with their head in a cloud and do not see the rest of the world in which they live or do business.

They are either living in a fantasy world around money or trying to ignore their money realities. When they think money is a problem they put their fingers in their ears and hands over their eyes to block out reality.

Is this you?

Many people give their credit cards to pay for something and are refused authorisation because they do not have money in the bank to cover those goods or services or they are over their credit limit. You then have to suffer the embarrassment of being seen as not credit worthy, and you are not.

Do you know how much you have in the bank at the moment?

Do you know how much you are worth?

Do you know how much you owe?

Many people have grown up not being taught the value of money.

They do not manage, accumulate nor are responsible for their own fiscal circumstances.

Like Blanche DuBois from Tennessee Williams’ play A Street Car Named Desire, they proclaim, “I have always relied upon the kindness of strangers.”

And that, as the play shows, almost always ends in misery.

If you are not accountable around money, life will be very difficult for you.

You will live from hand to mouth and probably never fulfil many of your dreams, which will more than likely be relegated to the status of fantasy instead of reality.

Also many people who have no money become defensive around people who do have money when they realise the reality that others can have what they cannot.

Riches are not a guarantee of bringing you happiness, but poverty will surely bring you misery. I can tell you this because I grew up in absolute poverty. It was not pleasant and the only way out was to gain control over money and create wealth. That wealth brought me a far better life.

As a self-made successful business woman, I can tell you that when you take responsibility for your economic fate and become accountable around money, you can lead a very pleasant life.

When you make an effort to accumulate the security of having sufficient wealth, you can also fulfil many dreams that were once fantasies.

It begins with education. You needed to seek out people who can teach you how to be accountable around money and respectful of money. Then you need to learn from them and be guided by them, as I was, which allowed me and many before me, to change my future.

Managing money and accumulating wealth was something no one taught me as child so I had to pay people to teach me that, which was one of the best investments I ever made and still do today, because I never stop learning.

So you can get yourself an education around being accountable around money and building your wealth. That of course will require you to face the reality that life is better when you have control over money rather than money having control over you.

It’s a learning curve…are you ready for change?

Yes, it’s a long title, but it’s important to be clear that I don’t do business or make money at any cost.

Talking of cost, this event has a $25 entry fee – ALL of which goes to the charity War Child, which helps children afflicted by war.

This will be a small-group introductory event. Full details are here.

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