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Are you a careful planner in business?

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Being in business requires meticulous attention to detail.

If you behave in business as if someone else will pick up your slack, fix your mistakes or do the stuff you can’t be bothered to pay attention to, you will go broke very fast.

I see this a great deal in many people who have just started in business. They have this star-gazing look on their faces that show they think they are going to make their fortune doing about as much work as they did when they were employed by someone else.

“I’m building my product and business”, they say, but you can tell from talking to them that they are unaware of the necessary structure that needs to be in place to make a business work well and be profitable.

All wealthy people who built their business from the ground up sweated for their first million. We have built in structures that organise every part of our lives and business.

Nothing is left to chance because we know time and wasted dithering costs us money. You learn this after you suffer failure in business or you learn it from your teachers and mentors but you do not learn it by just starting a business and hoping for the best.

If a successful business person does not have these organised structures, there will be areas of their lives that are highly stressful and the people around them will suffer.

They will also experience constant failures and setbacks and blame a range of problems, always other than their own lack of organisation.

After 46 years in business I am a great planner. I have plans A, B, C and endless contingencies for endless situations.

I have a range of back-up plans if A, B or C does not work and there will be times when they do not work. I learnt this from my mentors as well as from experience.

I always tell the people who attend my wealth building events or are in coaching with me that lack of organisational planning and arrogance are the worst enemies of people starting out or struggling with their businesses.

It takes a team to build a business and a major part of that team are your teachers, coaches and mentors. They teach you to be a great planner.

If you lack those components of your business plan, your business will sink like a stone and probably much faster as you drown in chaos.

Not to have teachers, coaches and mentors is an arrogant mistake.

When you are investing your own money in business you hold yourself to different standards. You make more of an effort to turn $10,000 into a $100,000 then to $1 million, so you plan because losing your own money is the most painful experience of all in business.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Plan, plan and plan again
  • Be on top of your workload and prioritise what needs doing
  • Be the most organised person you know
  • Learn from your mistakes and see where you went wrong in the planning
  • Remember investing in yourself is investing in your business
  • Listen with every part of your being to your teaches, coaches and mentors
  • Only choose teachers, coaches and mentors who are successful themselves and not just regurgitating from books that they did not write or teachers they did not learn from


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