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Anxiety Solutions Through Hypnosis

Anxiety2-300x200Helping people get over and reduce unnatural prolonged levels anxiety with hypnosis is very effective.

In fact people are often very surprised how effective it is and how quick the effects takes place. That is because hypnosis can change the brain rate at which it oscillates (vibrates between two or more ranges). Hypnosis can relax people and bring them down into a very calm state.

We all experience anxiety at some time of our day, week and life. Anxiety is a natural experience.

People who suffer medium or long-term anxiety, however, have lost control of their natural mental processes. Their brain wave activity has been caught in the high level of alertness and it is as if they are stuck in the alarm state, always anxious, restless and afraid.

It is most disturbing, exhausting and upsetting for them and leads to a very low level of life satisfaction.

So hypnosis works in two ways to help eliminate anxiety. The first is that hypnosis generally takes place in what is called alpha and theta brain wave activity.

Anxiety takes place in a much faster brain wave state called high beta.

When hypnosis brings the brain wave activity down in speed, such as alpha and theta, anxiety cannot exist. It is a physiological impossibility because anxiety can only exist at high brain wave speeds.

This is how the brain is wired. If you are sitting reading this and you are anxious, you are not in the normal waking brain wave speed, which is beta but you are in the high brain wave speed or high beta (alarm state).

Through suggestion, hypnosis can change your brain wave speed. Not only can it change your physical body and brain but it can also change the way your mind is operating within your body therefore changing your whole experience.

People come into my clinic, sit in my therapy chair and experience the first anxiety-free state they may have had for years. It is that fast.

The second way I help people overcome anxiety through hypnosis is by them doing a hypnotic exercise to retrain their brain. This can give you a set of skills where, in your everyday life, you can come out of anxiety states and into calm states, very quickly, all by yourself.

For me as a hypnotherapist it is not enough just to help people experience anxiety-free states but also I want them to learn to create anxiety-free states for themselves. You learn to retrain your brain to create, accept and enjoy calm states quickly.

Hypnotists like to go for quick, easy access and good experiences without going around the bushes. You already know how to be calm but you may have forgotten those skills. Hypnosis helps you remember your natural abilities to be calm in many situations.

We all have periods in our lives when something dramatic caused us to get stuck in the anxious alarm state. It may have been different for every one of us and we need to break that state and come back to a comfortable state of calm, wellbeing.

Just imagine for a moment you had gotten over your anxiety and were living your life in a calm and satisfying way every day.

How would that be?

Would like it?

Are you sure?

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