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Affiliate Program Information

Earn Commission by Referring People to doctorok!

We love affiliate marketers at, (O’Keefe& Fox Industries Pty Ltd). We are all in business and to get our messages out to the world and we realise that internet marketers are a big part of the ‘say it loud and clear’ process. Everyone is a valued part of the supply chain. You don’t even need a huge list – you can share your affiliate links for our products on social media, your blog or website, or in a personal message to your friends, family or other interested party. There is no cost to join the program.

How much commission will I earn?

You’ll earn 10% for our live or virtual events: seminars, workshops, teleseminars, webinar tickets and bookings.woman-holding-money

You’ll earn commission of 50% for selling products in our online store. When you are selling new promotions and special offers you can also earn 50%, plus the same commission on upsells.

We make it easy for you 🙂

We supply you with pre-formatted generic sales letters. Since they are already generated you can simply fill in the specific product, run it through your list and target your customers. You are of course at liberty to format your own sales letter if that is what you prefer. We appreciate everyone’ s customer base and list is different.

Since our products are clearly described, this allows you to frame your sales pitch to facilitate your own customers’ needs. We provide banners that you can market as an affiliate but not misrepresenting your business as ours.

Clean selling

All affiliates have to be approved. We value our reputation and put so much effort and care into our products that we wish to protect our brand. All affiliates must only use above-board, white hat techniques. All affiliates must comply with FTC regulations and any local rules and regulations in the domain in which you trade.

We regularly monitor our affiliate program and in the first instance issue a written warning to you for any contractual citations after which we instantly terminate the contract for further violations. We wish you to practice honourably and protect our reputation by complying with FTC regulations. We comply with regulations. We expect affiliates to do the same and we do not expect affiliates to do business with black hat marketers or spammers who would leave you also liable for rule infringements.

High quality solid back-end monitoring


We are in the cloud with back up and use the highest quality sales tracking system to record all affiliate link sales. You get your own login so are able to check your balance 24/7. We are also automated to track and alert upsells from your original customer purchase. We operate an automated payment system noting country of origin of the purchasers for service tax purposes. Any commission is paid post service tax pro rata on commission percentage in the country of our domain for customers in that country. Sales relevant to outside that country will not be subject to service task. Our company is presently domiciled in Australia.

All other intellectual property products that belong to O’Keefe and Fox Industries or future owners are subject to the same terms and conditions. We pay monthly in US dollars and commissions are subject to transfer fees and currency fluctuations.

We guard our reputation and customer satisfaction very carefully. We know what we do is extraordinary but if a customer does not feel the sale is a fit, we refund our online products up to 30 days. In such cases your account is debited.

Ready to sign up?

We love what we do and excel at helping people with their health, behaviour and happiness. We welcome those who love our products to make commission by working with us (if you’re going to refer someone anyway, you may as well be rewarded), so sign up now!

Read the full terms and conditions of the affiliate program.